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Archival Oil cardboard box set 7 x 40ml


The benefits of Archival are so unique that its formulation is patented. It is the only flexible oil paint in the world and offers unsurpassed freedom of technique, fast drying time, paintings that will not crack with age and a safe working environment. Archival Oils are produced from the finest colour pigments, chosen for their purity, brilliance and performance. When combined with Archival's alkyd based mediums Archival Oils dry quickly on paintings, but will remain workable on the palette until mediums are added. The ideal working situation for most oil painters today is to be able to work wet-in-wet during a painting session of 3-6 hours on one day and be able to overpaint the following day. The flexibility and fast drying time of Archival Oils and Mediums make this possible.

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ARCHS7 Archival Oil cardboard box set 7 x 40ml
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