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Golden Airbrush Medium


GOLDEN Airbrush Medium is designed for modifying the GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics for airbrush/spray application. It blends with minimal effort with the Fluid Acrylics to yield a paint mixture with the proper viscosity for airbrushing. It also effectively decreases clogging and tip buildup during spraying, eliminating the largest drawback to airbrushing with acrylics. While designed with the Fluid Acrylics in mind, Airbrush Medium will also reduce the Heavy Body, Matte, High Load, Iridescent/Interference and Fluorescent Acrylics for spray applications. GOLDEN Mediums and Gessos can also be blended with Airbrush Medium for spraying.

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GAC3535-5 Golden Airbrush Medium 236ml cylinder
8 oz cylinder / 236 ml cylinder
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GAC3535-6 Golden Airbrush Medium 473ml cylinder
16 oz cylinder / 473 ml cylinder
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